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Product ID: 280062
28'' Jacqueline

This Victorian Porcelain doll, Jacqueline, has a lovely burgundy dress with dark hair. All our dolls come with their own doll stand.

Product ID: 229113
22'' Gypsy

Product ID: 24038
24'' Tamera

Tamera stands 24" tall. She is lovely with a flowered headress and a flower trimmed dress. This Victorian porcelain doll has blond hair and a pearl necklace.

Product ID: S20566
20'' Apple

Product ID: 229008

Product ID: 220362
22'' Flemenco

Product ID: 180260
18'' Ping

Product ID: 16293B
16'' Cheerleader, blue sweater

Product ID: 16293A
16'' Cheerleader, orange sweater

Product ID: 080323
09'' Hawaiian Girl

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